Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Catching Fire rumours and fools

Rumours are still flying around the internet about the Catching Fire teaser. Many firmly believe that a trailer will be release on April 14th at the MTV awards. This is just a rumour, but it is gaining a lot of strength after Sam Claflin's accidental "blurt-out" in a recent interview. Hypable made a post about this rumour which can be seen here.

More interestingly, a few supposed stills from the Catching Fire trailer were posted on Twitter and Tumblr, among much speculation and excitement. They look very convincing, but sadly were first posted on the night of April 1st, as an April Fools' joke. A comparison below shows that this "still" was photoshopped from the interview scene in The Hunger Games.

Fingers crossed we may see a little "sneak-peek" in the coming weeks!


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