Sunday, 14 April 2013

Post-production audio work for Catching Fire

It was previously thought that there would be reshoots for Catching Fire in Atlanta this weekend. Now we have confirmation of post-production audio recordings for the movie.

Yesterday (April 13th), about 100 extras gathered in Atlanta and recorded multiple crowd style audio segments for use in the movie. Some of them included: "No more games!" and "Katniss! Katniss!"

This news comes from Jeffrey West, a blogger who took part in the recordings. (See end of post for his video, including some audio and video from the day!)

"I spent all-day Saturday in Atlanta doing some post-production audio work on the Catching Fire film. Basically we were running around screaming, and/or clapping, and/or laughing and straining our voices in every single way possible for about 8 hours."

Thanks to Jeffrey West and Hunger Games Examiner


  1. Even though I wasn't part of it I got all excited for the twins when they tweeted about it! Can't wait to hear you all on the movie haha


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