Thursday, 18 July 2013

Catching Fire .GIFs from Capitol Couture have recently been posting fashions from each of the 12 Districts of Panem. Now that they've finished this feature, some exciting new .GIFs have made their way onto the site:

Here are 2 (yes 2!) new .GIFs featuring Caesar Flickerman's introduction to a HUGE Capitol crowd!

This .GIF shows a close-up of Effie at the Quarter Quell reaping in District 12. This scene was seen previously in this still. Also, check out Effie's amazing Alexander McQueen dress here.

This quote accompanied the .GIF:

"It is officially time for summer with the announcement of the Quarter Quell coupled with District 12 Escort, Effie Trinket, and her astounding butterfly ensemble. Artistically composed of over two hundred genuine adornments arranged in synchronized repose.  Coordinated with beautiful miniature details accenting the eyes, Effie Trinket’s seasonal look has our fashion hearts fluttering!"

These .GIFs appear to be showing the District 11 Victory Tour stop seen previously in the teaser and this .GIF. They do however provide an alternative look from a different angle.

Head over to to explore additional .GIFs of some of the Capitol people, and also all the other amazing fashion and couture.

Could these be teasing scenes from the new trailer?..


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