Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Victors' QQ Character Posters Released

(all of the posters can now be seen in HQ on our Images page!)

Lionsgate have released a wave of new character posters, featuring 11 of our victors in their Quarter Quell arena outfits. The posters released were:

District 1 - Gloss and Cashmere
District 2 - Brutus and Enobaria
District 3 - Wiress and Beetee
District 4 - Mags and Finnick
District 7 - Johanna
District 12 - Katniss and Peeta

You can click on the links above to view the original posts by the "Capitol Affiliates".

This release is part of Lionsgate's new and on-going Quarter Quell/Victors themed marketing campaign in the run up to the new trailer. View some of the promotional banners here.

Don't forget to tag your social media posts with the hashtag #CelebrateYourVictors!

What do you think of all the new posters? Let us know!


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