Saturday, 17 August 2013

Capitol Couture and CoverGirl Goodness! revealed two very stylish new ads - one for some "futuristic eyewear", and another for Cinna's new fragrance "L’Essence d’un Champion". The ads were also spotted on actual billboards in New York and Los Angeles! Check out the ads below:

In addition to this, are also featuring the 11 previously released victors' portraits in their "Game Faces" series, with some Capitol style analysis. Check out Katniss' and Gloss' features, and stay tuned for more in the series!

Two new district looks teasing CoverGirl's upcoming Catching Fire makeup collection debuted on Fashionista. Check out District 1 and District 4 below:

CoverGirl's Catching Fire inspired makeup range will be released on October 1st, and will include "Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss, and more" said to have been used on set in the making of the film!


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