Saturday, 17 August 2013

Catching Fire Cast Members Talk

See below for a roundup of some recent interviews with Jena Malone, Lenny Kravitz and Liam Hemsworth talking about Catching Fire (click on the links to see the full articles):

Jena Malone talking with Vogue:

"Your role in The Hunger Games sounds physically tough. How did you get ready for the part? 
"Luckily, I did [an action] film called Sucker Punch a few years ago, which taught me what I could achieve in a gym. I lifted 235 pounds in preparation for that movie and my whole body transformed. The same stunt team—they’re called 87Eleven—got me in shape for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We focused on martial arts–type training for the role of Johanna, which helped with stamina and endurance. I also did strength training with Patrick Murphy, who is kind of like a body sculptor. I trained five days a week for two months before we started filming, and then I kept it up during the months of shooting.""

Lenny Kravitz talking with Moviefone:
"Did you have more confidence going into "Catching Fire," since this was your second "Hunger Games"? 
"Well, it was really fun. It was like going back to summer camp a second year and seeing all your friends again. The cast, we really have a great chemistry together -- we really dig each other. We have a new director, Francis Lawrence, so there's an unknown there. But from the first day, it was great. He took charge and was wonderful to work with. We had a lot of fun, as we did on the first one. I am looking forward to seeing it myself.""
Check out video interviews with Liam Hemsworth after the jump:

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