Friday, 9 August 2013

What To Expect in the Coming Week...

Sadly, it is time for Quarter Quell to take a short break.. but don't panic! We'll be back online next week. Here's a look at what you might see while we're away:

  • Today we heard the very exciting news that Coldplay would be contributing a brand new song to the Catching Fire soundtrack album. Lionsgate's official press release stated that we should be expecting more details in the coming weeks. Look out for some new artists' announcements!
  • Variety reported in their post that Lionsgate may be planning a "100 Days to Catching Fire" countdown celebration, featuring a series of exciting announcements starting next week. This is likely to include more details from the soundtrack, but we could be in for some extra surprises!
  • Capitol Couture have promised us a new issue for Summer titled 'Zoetic Sol', coming next week. It sounds like they'll be posting some "Capitol analysis" of the 11 victors' portrait posters previously released. No new content likely here, but hey, it's worth a look!
  • Mockingjay casting / production updates? Maybe...
  • And anything else that may come up!
Be sure to head over to our affiliates page for a list of some of the other excellent Hunger Games fansites on the web. They provide the latest updates on all things Catching Fire, so follow their social profiles and keep checking back!

All the best, and may the odds be ever in your favour...


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