Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bruno Gunn and Megan Hayes talk Catching Fire

Below are some excerpts from recent interviews with our Brutus and Female Morphling in Catching Fire, Bruno Gunn and Megan Hayes (click the links to see the full articles):

Megan Hayes' interview with DreadCentral:
DC: Can you talk about your experience on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and explain who the Morphlings are for those who don’t know? 
MH: I don’t know how much I can say. I am the tribute from District Six. The morphlings are addicted to a drug called morphling - a pain killer that’s kind of a morphine-esque kind of drug. My experience on Hunger Games couldn’t have been better. I was embraced by everyone and had a fantastic experience. It was a really fun role to play; the director [Francis Lawrence] was incredibly kind but also incredibly smart and knew exactly what he wanted. It was a really ideal experience overall. 

DC: How much better was craft services on The Hunger Games then on +1? 
MH: Lemme tell ya’ about craft services on The Hunger Games. I really couldn’t partake of it that much because I was on a very strict diet where I had to lose and get to a very malnourished-looking weight. So, it looked great but I basically ate a lot of almonds and a lot of fruits and veggies and that was about it.

Bruno Gunn's interview with Ohio:
“I have journeyed a long time and this by far is the biggest thing I’ve worked on,” he said. “I’ve had a load of TV credits and some strong film credits. But this is a whole different animal. You’re involved in a massive franchise. … (True Blood and Sons) have amazing fan bases, and large fan bases. But (with Hunger Games) I have people reaching out to me from all over the world — India, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Japan. It’s amazing.” 
And that sense of doing something important was evident when the movie was made a year ago, he said. “Everyone there knew how special this whole thing is. We all knew how lucky we were. Everybody was focused. Everyone was a pro. They brought their A game.” 

We can't wait to see them on screen!


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