Wednesday, 4 September 2013

UPDATED: Catching Fire Character Portraits by Tim Palen in Vanity Fair

After the recently revealed Peeta portrait by Tim Palen surfaced online, we now have these stunning portraits of Katniss! She is portrayed in her full wedding outfit. (click to enlarge the photos below):

These photos are set to feature in the October 2013 '100th Anniversary' issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

(From the cover):
"The new Hunger Games - exclusive photos!"
Apparently there are test shots for 4 other members of the Catching Fire cast that are also featured!

Also included are some new quotes from director Francis Lawrence:

On the role of PTSD in Catching Fire:
"One of the big overarching themes for all the books is this idea of the consequences of war, and one of the unfortunate consequences of war is post-traumatic stress. That's one of the first things you see in the movie. They're changed people because of having been in the Games." 
On the Catching Fire cast members:
"..the sort of fantastic actors that you empathize with, that you feel a warmth for."

The magazine will be available on select newsstands tomorrow, and digitally on September 10th.

Thanks to FashionScansRemastered!

UPDATE: We can now bring you the 4 portraits EXCLUSIVELY in hi-res quality! (Many thanks to FashionScansRemastered for the images!) (click to enlarge):


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