Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Global Fan Day: Jennifer and Francis Answer Fan Questions on Tumblr

Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence gave some great answers to fan questions via Yahoo on Tumblr!

UPDATE: Here's the full video! (see clips below after the jump..)


Francis, since this film is so intricate, is there any particular scene that we should look out for to spot the tiny details? 
FL: "Particular details. Well I think if you’re gonna look at details, there’s a party early on in the victory tour where Katniss goes to Snow’s mansion. There’s an amazing job of the partygoers, the citizens. There are a lot of detail int he crowd there. That’s a fun scene to take a look at." 
FL: "I think we got a lot in there. We worked really closely with the author of the books and worked to get all the memorable scenes and sequences. I’m pleased with the amount we were able to get into this movie. I think fans will be really happy about it."

What was the funniest moment on set? 
JL: "Oh, the butt. Me getting Sam’s trident. we were in the middle of doing this scenes with the monkeys, There were all these choreographed fight. Something just whipped my butt. Something slapped my butt. We’re watching playback. Josh is telling me it’s ancient spirits and I’m believing it. Then we slowed down. The end of Sam’s trident and flew off and whacked me in the butt. There was a red mark on my butt. That was funny."
JL: "I’ve never been a part of such a fan base. When you’re on set and you get excited about it you can see it as the fans see it, you can appreciate it."

Click here to read everything from their blog. (still updating, so keep checking back!)

The FULL video of the Q+A will be made available right here. (Mobile users: here)

Video clips are below after the jump:


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