Sunday, 22 June 2014

UPDATE: 'Mockingjay - Part 1' Teaser Trailer Confirmed 1:15 Long - In Cinemas With Transformers: Age of Extinction

Looks like the long wait will soon be over for fans as latest rumours and evidence suggest that they will be able to get a first look at the long-awaited Mockingjay teaser this weekend, in cinemas with Paramount Pictures' Transformers: Age of Extinction.

UPDATE: A document from Deluxe Digital Cinema attached to this week's trailmix has gone online - confirming that the Mockingjay teaser will be 1:15 long and should be attached to all showings of Transformers: Age of Extinction in the United States, including Thursday 9pm and Friday showings unless we hear otherwise. We can expect the online debut on presumably Capitol TV then to be at any time around Thursday as US cinemas at least have not received the reportedly-sent instructions to not show it before Saturday.

And as you may well remember, Seashore is the commonly used working title for the two films.

With the runtime that we have, make sure to manage your expectations accordingly. We feel this may only be the beginning...

The original article + information regarding the teaser trailer we posted on Sunday follow below.

At the start of last week, a THGAustralia staff member who works at a cinema near Sydney, Australia received a trailer package (known in the industry as a DCP) from Roadshow Films, the Australian distributor of The Hunger Games franchise, with the label UNTITLED TRILOGY TEASER AAnother Twitter user from the US, @RonnieLauth, also mentioned today that his theatre got this trailer package on a separate drive too (normally trailers come to cinemas either on the same drive as the film, or on a weekly 'trailmix' drive).

The teaser DCP had no instructions attached at the time of receipt and was encrypted requiring a key (KDM) to play it back, similar to how actual films are distributed to cinemas, with the key sent by the distributor around 24-48 hours before the first showing.

It isn't common industry practice to encrypt trailer DCPs, but most notably trailers for Christopher Nolan's films, due to the director's desire for audiences to experience the trailer in cinemas first, have almost all been encrypted at the time of their theatrical premiere, with the online premiere coming a few days afterwards. The most recent example is the theatrical trailer for Interstellar that was sent by Warner Bros. along with the film Godzilla (both also distributed by Roadshow in Australia) in a similarly encrypted DCP package, to play in front of all Godzilla showings worldwide, with the online release coming a few days later on May 16.

THGAustralia also say that at the time of the DCP being brought to their attention there was a "possibility that it could have just been a teaser for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, which is also distributed by Roadshow Films [in Australia], is a trilogy and has yet to release a teaser"; also as some will no doubt remember, a number of casting calls for Mockingjay went out under the working title Untitled Trilogy.

On Friday, according to information from the same Australian theatre's projectionist, an email went out from Lionsgate (not Roadshow, suggesting the package may indeed be for Mockingjay) that, according to THGAustralia, "the untitled trailer is to be attached and played in front of Transformers: Age of Extinction from 2pm [Australian time, that is 9pm Friday on the US west coast, midnight Saturday on the east, 5am here in London, 6am in Central Europe and 8am in Moscow] on Saturday, June 28 (Transformers’ official release date in Australia is Thursday, June 26)" .

The specificity of the instructions to play the teaser after that time, and not during the Thursday and Friday showings, suggests that the online release of the trailer may indeed be at 5am BST on Saturday, and Lionsgate do not want any bootlegs from the screenings on those days to leak online before that time, especially given the reportedly "unusual" nature of the teaser (according to the Russian distributor Volga) and the studio building a viral backdrop of Capitol TV against which to debut it - the online premiere seems to be the studio's main priority.

We have reached out to our sources and are yet to hear any confirmation regarding this. If the trailer is indeed debuting in cinemas this week as well as online, we would expect the usual official public channels such as classification boards to confirm its existence at the start of the week. We don't expect the UK to play it as not only do they not get Transformers until a week later, July 5, but also the cinema chains don't tend to play new trailers except if a chain gets an exclusive or specific instructions come in from the distributor such as was the case with the Interstellar trailer and Godzilla.

Thank you once again to THGAustralia for looking into this.

Stay tuned, tributes...


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