Thursday, 21 August 2014

District 13 Rebels Launch 'Our Leader The Mockingjay' Mobile Graffiti Tagging App

The rebels in District 13 have launched a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing you to create your own 'digital marks', and tag them with their locations and a custom message.

We are not One Panem! Support ‪#‎OLTM at!

• Create digital Marks on real-world surfaces and pin them with your location
• Leave messages on Marks created by others.
• Earn points on Hunger Games Explorer
• Stay updated on announcements and ‘propos’ from District 13
• Access information about the film

This comes after a swathe of teaser images were distributed recently.

We've noticed a lot of you guys tweeting to us that the app is currently unavailable in your countries. This is due to differing privacy laws, but Lionsgate are working hard to resolve this ASAP.

Click to download the app on iOS and Android, and let us know what you think!


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