Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mysterious #OLTM Images Sent To Fansites & Fans - Reveal On Thursday 21 August?

Things are definitely heating up on the viral side of the Mockingjay - Part 1 campaign. have sent various fans and fan sites the following images, captioned with the date 21.08.14 which is tomorrow - August 21.

UPDATE: The images in the set below were sent out today:

(from @Ja1meUSA)

(source unknown, via mockingjaypt1)

(from @itslunaxxx)

(from @twiffidy)

(from @courtd12)

(from DWTC)

(from Jabberjays)

(from Fangirlish)

(from M.N.I.K.E.M)

(from HungerTimes)

(from @HungerGames)

(from @WildCard17)

(from @shluhp)

(from Polish distributor Forum Film)

(from @17Peeta)

We have also received the following image of the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India as part of the #OLTM reveal -

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

See the rest of the images received by other fansites below:

 New York Public Library, US (from Welcome to District 12)

Notting Hill, London, UK (from Panem Propaganda)

Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan (from HG Girl on Fire)

The Great Wall of China (from Le Geai Moqueur)

Rome, Italy (from HG Fireside Chat)

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy (from @mauino22)

Houses of Parliament, London, UK (from @verdaera)

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE (Michael Alen, via mockingjaypt1)

What do you think will Lionsgate reveal tomorrow? The different locations may be a clue, so may be the colour of the 'graffiti', or the form (D13 logo or Mockingjay pin). Stay tuned to find out...


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