Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New District 13 Mobile Site Goes Live - Character Posters Coming Soon

(try scanning the QR code from your smartphone!)

A brand new and awesome mobile site for District 13 has been launched.

The address for the new site can be revealed by reading a new message from Beetee, in the same way that the previous message was revealed, over at

We speak for those who do not have a voice.
 - Beetee Latier

The new site can be accessed on your mobile device, at Here, you can enter the site by linking with Twitter/Facebook and syncing with your 'Session ID' code from

Users are encouraged to work towards unlocking clues for some upcoming District 13 'Citizens' character posters. Check out the full list below, and where you can find each clue:

Reveal D13 Citizens
To expose the Capitol's lies and strengthen the rebellion.

Please note that the site has only just been made live, so it is a little slow and buggy, and not everything is 100% functional as of yet.

Head to and for the full experience.



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