Friday, 5 September 2014

Elizabeth Banks On Effie, 'Mockingjay' Being A "True Action Film" & Nina Jacobson On 'Part 1' Theatrical Trailer

E! Online has recently managed to catch up with our Effie, Elizabeth Banks, who shared a few more details about the film ahead of an anticipated reveal next Wednesday, September 10:

On seeing a cut of Part 1 for the first time:
I'm really thrilled with the way it's turned out [...] I think Francis [the director] has a really interesting take on the material and it's a continuation of the story of Katniss and she's one of my favorite heroines of all time. [...] It's really a true action film now, we're not just in the Games anymore, we've really upped the stakes of the movie. It's really about a full scale rebellion and a war between the Capitol and the Districts.
On playing a big part in the films despite not having a big presence in the book:
Well [Effie] doesn't make an appearance in District 13 in the actual book, but Suzanne Collins and Francis [Lawrence] and I…everyone sort of came to me and said ‘We really feel like Effie…it would be really fun to keep her involved in the story' and of course I'm thrilled to be a part of it and get to go to 13 and take care of Katniss a little bit longer.
And on reuniting with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson on set:
We've been through a lot making the movies. It's very rare in this business that you get to spend this much time with the same people, over and over again on something that we all care about a lot. 
You can read the full interview at E! Online (via DWTC)

The announcement of the September 10 date with the recently released teaser poster featuring Katniss is expected by many to be the reveal of a full-length theatrical trailer for the film. While the nature of the reveal hasn't been announced, producer Nina Jacobson in her tweets has strongly hinted that it is indeed the new trailer that is debuting:

Lionsgate are very unlikely to say anything more or confirm anything in advance of next Wednesday's reveal, but if it is indeed the long-overdue theatrical trailer, we expect to receive more information and confirmations in the coming days as the trailer is sent to cinemas to be prepared to be shown at screenings following the online debut.

Stay tuned...


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