Thursday, 11 September 2014

UPDATE: Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks & Sam Claflin Talk 'Mockingjay' at TIFF 2014

This past week several Mockingjay cast members attended the Toronto International Film Festival to promote their films that are screening at the event. Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Sam Claflin were there promoting Escobar: Paradise Lost, Love & Mercy and The Riot Club respectively, and did manage to talk a bit about Mockingjay too!

Josh on the franchise standing out from other YA adaptations:
“We got lucky! [...] I think it helps so much that Jennifer is who she is, and has done the work that she’s done. It gives us more credibility that we’re associated with her, since she’s been nominated for multiple Oscars and won one. Also, The Hunger Games didn’t create us. The makers brought all the cast members onto the project and helped create it. I think that’s a big reason why we’re not tied to it in a negative way.”

On working with the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman:
“I only had the privilege of sharing one scene with Hoffman, this ball dance scene in the last one, but I saw him around on set a lot,” he says. “It’s really crazy and shocking what happened. They had pretty much shot all his stuff, so they’re not going to do any weird, CG things to re-create him. They didn’t have to work around too much.”

And on his final scene that was shot in the films:
“It was definitely a bittersweet moment, but it was one of things where you finish it, and you’re like, ‘That was it. That was the last moment of all these movies.’ It really was anticlimactic!”

Read Josh's full interviews at The Daily Beast and The Daily Observer.

Our Finnick, Sam, took an opportunity to speak with Vanity Fair about saying goodbye to fellow cast members and the effect the franchise had on him:

Also Sam, as well as our Effie, Elizabeth Banks, sat down with MTV to talk about their feelings on Mockingjay, and wrapping filming, amongst other things...:

UPDATE: GQ Style magazine also published a new interview feature with Sam. Here's what he has to say about training to become Finnick:
"I wasn't in the right shape for Finnick for the audition. I had stubble and there was a picture of me at a premiere and everyone was like: who is this guy? He doesn't even have blue eyes, let alone copper-coloured hair, a tan or a six pack."
But he won the fans over thanks to a restricted diet of egg-white omelettes and porridge, and a brutal training regime:"Three hours a day, five days a week for four months." That and his impressive performance, which I realise from our conversation, is an exemplar of the technical complexity of acting in big-budget blockbusters. As well as staying in his Americal accent and bearing the emotion of the scene, he had to develop a kind of muscle memory for the intricately mapped out actions sequences all "without hitting someone with the trident."
See the transcript and scans of the article at Sam Claflin Fans (via Panem Propaganda)

Stay tuned for more, as we get closer to the release of the film and, of course, the highly anticipated theatrical trailer!


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