Friday, 3 October 2014 Hack #3 Reveals Secret Intel on Boggs and Messalla

District 13 have revealed Hack #3 on their website.

Completing the task shows you some new secret intel on Boggs and Messalla.

By performing the hack on the mobile D13 site, when synced with TheCapitol.PN on your desktop, you can check out this profile on Boggs:

(if this doesn't work for you, make sure you are on the mobile version of the D13 site, and the US version of TheCapitol.PN)

Also, on the US version of the site, these extended profiles of Boggs and Messalla are now available for viewing (no hacking required):

We can't wait to see what the rebels have in store for us with Hacks 4 & 5!


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