Wednesday, 8 October 2014

'Our Leader The Mockingjay' App Updated With Interactive 3D District 13 Schematics And More...

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The Our Leader The Mockingjay app has received an impressive new update today featuring an interactive 3D District 13 schematic! To access it, make sure you are updated to the latest version of the app (2.0) through the App Store or Google Play, then go to the app's main menu to find the schematics section above.

Then you will be presented with a scanner. You can scan any suitable surface but for best results print off the special District 13 map blueprint here and place it on the floor, and scan that.

If you are in the US - you have to first scan one of the new specially-marked Doritos bags (the bag or an image of the bag such as on then you will be able to scan whatever you want to place the schematics. The Mazda logo may work too for that first unlock step. (Mazda is a newly-announced sponsor of the film). Several countries like Italy (through sponsor Oscar Mondadori) also have similar scans required to unlock the target placement screen for the schematics.

(via Jabberjays)

Then you will be presented with an interactive 3D hologram model of District 13. You can swipe through the different levels (from ground level all the way down to the bunker) and look around the 3D environment to find more content.

Among this get Google Street View-like 3D blueprints of select locations in District 13 (marked in orange on the schematics)! Here's a couple, recognise any from the trailers?

Then alongside character bios...we have new stills featuring the locations! Check them all out below, including a special fan favourite...

Enjoy the app, stay tuned for more content soon, and let us know if you have any issues...


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