Monday, 3 November 2014

OLTM App Receives Update Featuring 3D Augmented Reality District 13 Hovercraft

(via @Ja1meUSA - cheers for the heads-up!)

And we thought that District 13 Schematic was pretty cool...

Lionsgate have updated the OLTM app with a brand new feature - which is an interactive 3D model of the hovercraft featured in the film. Similarly to the schematic - you need to print out the target (or use a high-contrast image - or just a bright laptop or iPad screen) and just find the new Hovercraft section of the app!

N.B. In the US, Mazda is sponsoring this feature, so be sure to find a Mazda logo or just use the one below as you'll be asked to scan that first:

Once you are in, you'll be able to take a look around the 3D model of the aircraft, and also take a look at it in action through some of the demos - from the flight thrusters to the 007-style invisibility cloak! Take a look at the images below:

And as another bonus - you get a 3D Street View-like look at the inside of the hovercraft!

Be sure to download the awesome new update through the iOS App Store or Google Play! We hope Lionsgate will have more in store soon...


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