Saturday, 27 December 2014

POLL: What's The 'Mockingjay' "Pirate Transmission" That's Landing on Monday?

UPDATE: Lionsgate have confirmed to fellow fansite Down With The Capitol that the "misinformation hack" is not official; we believe it will have no connection to the films aside from themes, likely a drive for fans to get together for a good cause.

We assume everyone has seen our Beetee's tweets teasing this 'pirate transmission' that is now due to take place on Monday (UPDATE: Jeffrey announced it's taking place at 15:00 ET, check your timezone here). Question is, what is the nature of this transmission and is it related to Part 2?

We've drawn up a non-exhaustive list of possible options below, so tell us what you think is coming...and stay tuned on Monday to find out!


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