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UPDATE: 'Mockingjay - Part 2' Logo Reveal Teaser Titled 'Remember', To Play In U.S., Canada And UK Theaters With 'Divergent: Insurgent'

UPDATE 16/3/15: The Manitoba Film Classification Board have classified the teaser today - so expect it to run with Canadian Insurgent showings too! We have also received confirmation that the teaser has also been sent to UK cinemas; all ready for the UK release on Thursday.

Deluxe have also posted the runtime of the teaser, which is 44 seconds, and that it's titled "The Hunger Games Franchise Logo ‐ Remember". Now we're a bit intrigued, whether Remember is just the title of the teaser (much like they gave names to the Part 1 trailers such as Our Leader The Mockingjay or Burn) or something else a touch more nostalgic, because you wouldn't really give a name for just a logo reveal like Catching Fire's... We'll see soon enough!

UPDATE 13/3/15: Deluxe Digital Cinema who are handling Lionsgate's film delivery for U.S. theatres have confirmed today that a teaser trailer-esque version of the logo reveal for Mockingjay - Part 2 has been sent to theatres with the film and will be playing with all 2D and 3D screenings of Insurgent in the United States.

The logo reveal teaser file is encrypted much like a regular film (likely to prevent any early leaks) and the information does not specify whether the teaser is in 2D or 3D - the lack of '3D' in the filename means it will likely be 2D. We've reached out to Lionsgate to find out whether the teaser will also play with IMAX 3D showings of Insurgent in the U.S. and other international partners to find out whether overseas Insurgent showings will get the teaser too.

With this confirmation, we can also now expect the first teaser (and motion) poster for Mockingjay - Part 2 to land next week in time for Insurgent's release, alongside this logo reveal teaser. Like we've said previously, we're expecting first actual footage from the film to land in a teaser trailer hopefully next month. Stay tuned Tributes, as this is going to be an exciting year for us...

Original post follows below:

Following on from guesses upon guesses from fans and fellow websites alike, we may now have the first information regarding the start of the Mockingjay - Part 2 marketing campaign.

Fellow fansite Jabberjays have 'confirmed with a theater' in the U.S. that Lionsgate are indeed planning to place 'something Mockingjay - Part 2' in front of screenings of their upcoming The Divergent Series: Insurgent, releasing March 20. No more precise information apart from a scheduled Mockingjay trailer placement with Insurgent screenings is available - we are hoping that we'll hear more details regarding the runtime and the content of the, by definition, trailer when theatres begin receiving Insurgent and any accompanying trailers from the studio next week - and if the placement is indeed going ahead, we expect the tease to land online a couple of days before Insurgent's release.

We are however, not expecting this to be a proper teaser trailer with footage from the film; but, given Insurgent audiences' more fan-level awareness of the Hunger Games, something more akin to the motion logo reveal that was placed at the end of the Part 1 credits (see above image and video clip below - it would also work quite nicely showing the logo for the first time in 3D/IMAX 3D) or the first teaser trailers for Part 1, which were special 'Panem Addresses' that were specially shot for the campaign during the European shoot of the Mockingjay films.

If Lionsgate were to follow Part 1's trailer campaign structure with the in-universe teaser trailers preceding the 'main' teaser trailer, we could get a second similar piece with another Lionsgate film, Child 44 (April 17) - which would put it in prime position to be released online and on TV during the MTV Movie Awards on April 12. That would then be followed by the main teaser trailer (with actual film footage) debut that we believe will take place in the last week of April, ready to show in theatres with Lionsgate's own Age of Adaline (April 24 in the U.S.) and Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron (starting April 23 overseas, May 1 in the U.S.).

Lionsgate are yet to comment on the trailer placement info, but stay tuned and we will update when we find out more! See the logo teaser for Catching Fire that played with showings of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 back in 2012 below:


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