Monday, 13 July 2015

'The Hunger Games Exhibition' Merchandise Online Store Now Open

Ever wanted that epic Buttercup plushie but aren't anywhere near New York? Now you're in luck - The Hunger Games Exhibition have now opened an online store featuring most if not all of the items - including the limited edition pins and Tim Palen's book - available at the Exhibition gift shop in New York!

The store items are split into 4 collections - the Exhibition, the Panem & Districts, the Mockingjay and the Propos, there are also other non-collection items too. Check out images of some of the items that caught our eye:

While for those in the United States this is a brilliant opportunity to get their hands on the items on sale at the exhibition...for international fans, even in European countries, this will be a bit of a pain - we'll let the image speak for itself:

Check out the full store here, and let us know if you'll be buying anything!


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