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'Mockingjay - Part 2' BTS Exclusive Feature in Entertainment Weekly's 'Fall Movie Preview'

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Entertainment Weekly recently released their new fall movie preview issue for 2015, which of course includes a feature for Mockingjay - Part 2.

Included in the feature is a new still (taken as a frame directly from the movie), some concept art and sketches from the pre-production phase of the movie's production, and exclusive interview tidbits with director Francis Lawrence and production designer Phil Messina.

Check out highlights below:

Fans of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling YA series can look forward to an up-close view of the Capitol. “This is the most amount of time we’ve spent in the Capitol,” says returning director Francis Lawrence. “So we had to focus a lot on how to accomplish that, especially when we spend most of our time out on the street.”
The 3-D hologram used by Katniss and her rebel allies to plan their path to President Snow’s mansion may seem familiar to well-heeled travelers. “Anyone who really knows Paris will find quadrants of the map that look very familiar,” director Lawrence says. “It’s a mix up of a layout of Paris and old designs of Germania.” 

For the look of the buildings, returning production designer Philip Messina drew inspiration from the Soviet era. “That architecture was evocative of dictatorial regimes,” he says. [...] His search for suitable set locations took him to one particular Berlin street with a Russian-built military training base. “It was a find of a lifetime,” Messina notes. His crew of construction workers, engineers and set designers put in significant work to make Panem’s seat of power appear war-torn. “We tore up the road, put holes in the buildings, and made it look like fires had broken out,” Messina says. “We were lucky enough to do whatever we wanted there.” 

Mockingjay - Part 2 has just been rated PG-13 by the MPAA in the US, and Francis discussed how he adapted his vision to satisfy the requirements for this rating:

Though the final chapter in the dystopian franchise could easily take a violent turn with graphic scenes depicting wartime brutality, Lawrence says he made extra effort to keep the film teen-friendly. “What I tried to do was focus on the emotional consequences of violence, and not the blood, guts, carnage and shock value of it,” he explains. “A lot of violence is implied.”

Empire Magazine are also set to release their big movie preview issue next week, so stay tuned to see if any new material for Mockingjay - Part 2 is included!

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